Medal of Honor Allied Assault Medal of Honor Games Are No Longer Supported By GameSpy


Can't Find Servers In-Game?  THERE IS A SOLUTION!

Dedicated Server Not Showing in In-Game List?  THERE IS A SOLUTION!

On July 16, 2014, GameSpy support was shutdown for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (MOHAA), Medal of Honor: Spearhead (MOHSH), and Medal of Honor: Breakthrough (MOHBT).  Other games that rely on GameSpy technologies have also been affected.  For a list of solutions for other games, please click here.  GameSpy powered the in-game online server browser.

Due to the GameSpy shutdown, Medal of Honor game servers can NOT be found, filtered, or queried in-game from the multiplayer menu without the new patch or using any of the other solutions listed below:

How To See Servers In-Game

The Game Server Browser Fixer Patch

In order for the in-game server browser to work today, you must patch your Medal of Honor game(s) to use our new master server.

Patching your MOH games couldn't be any easier.  Simply download and run the Game Server Browser Fixer Patch.  Click on the big "Patch Detected Games" button.  This patcher utility supports MOHAA, MOHSH, and MOHBT.  You're done.  In-game server browsing should work again!

This patch was made possible thanks to Razor and the developer team at X-Null.

Medal of Honor: Query Launcher Utility

Download, install, and run the Medal of Honor: Query Launcher desktop application to find and join all Medal of Honor game servers. Easily manage & favorite game servers, search for players, search for servers, browse gametypes, search by IP address, or export the list of online Medal of Honor servers directly into your clipboard!

Medal of Honor: Query Launcher is free and includes many customizable options!

Browse Medal of Honor Servers Online Using your Browser

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Find, browse, add servers, and join Medal of Honor Servers through your browser using the MOH Reborn Server List Website.

Medal of Honor Server Doesn't Show Up in the in-game Server List?

Instructions for Game Server Providers & Hosts:

If your MOHAA, MOHSH, or MOHBT game server is NOT SHOWING UP in the in-game master server list after patching your game clients with the Game Server Browser Fixer utility, don't panic.  There is a solution!

First, download and replace the old server binaries with these patched binaries on the game server.

Second, make sure you have the following cvar set in your server.cfg configuration file:

seta sv_gamespy "1" // Show our server in the reborn master server list

If none of the above steps have worked for you, please try to add your server's IP address (including the port) to the list.

After performing the above steps, start the game server. The server should show up in-game within 24 hours of following the above instructions.

Please verify that the query port (usually 12300 or the server's host port plus 97) is open and forwarded.  For example, if I have a server running on, please make sure port 12301 (12204 + 97) is also open if running behind a firewall.  Note, the query port can be random.

More Information

Medal of Honor: Reborn Patch Development

The developers of the Reborn MOHAA patch have been working hard to continue supporting all Medal of Honor games by releasing server patches, creating a replacement GameSpy master server, and working on a client-side patch that will introduce many new features and block all cheats from functioning in the near future.  For more information concerning the patch, links to other utilities, and for more information, please visit the official Medal of Honor Reborn Website.